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Hi, my name is Francesco Acri and I’m the founder of Acri Wine Service, a customized service who helps you to get the supply of 100% Italian wine. I work with wholesalers’ entrepreneurs, distributors and small shops who wants to improve their business. I cooperate with the biggest and the local wine factories as well, to grant you a wide choice of wines, among all the regions of Italy. Together we will find the best solution for your business, hoping for a long-term partnership. Don’t waste your time, contact us by email or telephone and start to improve your business. Do it now!


Italy is the best country in the world for wine production


Dry, thick, tannic, more structured, sapid or harmonic


A wide choice of red, white, sparkling and rosé wines


The owner

My career started as a door-to-door wine seller, as many others do. Working with a lot of partners, such as hotels, shops, wine shops, I understood I needed to do more to meet all my customers’ needs. I decided to start my online business to handle a bigger number of requests. Came back to Italy after living in Germany for a few years, I started to work with some shop owners to help them in finding the products or wine they needed. My career starts here, getting in contact with many Italian wineries. Nowadays my business got bigger and I have many costumers in Italy as well as in Switzerland, Austria and around Europe.

Francesco Acri

Acri Wine Service

Services/Products we can offer.

I help wholesalers’ importers, distributors and shops to find the best wine they need. I can help you to discover new wines from all over Italy and with a different price range. Just think how much time you can save relying on our services: no more multiple suppliers, no more hours and hours making orders or finding new wineries. I will propose the new wines and trends directly to you, providing with a continuative ad secure supply. This all will be possible by a unique solution: Acri Wine Service.

Acri Wine Service

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Acri wine service

Geography and taste: the wine you
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Italy has a privileged geographic position: located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and the South of Europe, is the country with the most diversified wine production in the World. Among Italy, we have more than 600 native vineyards, a World record. This is possible thanks to the soil and the weather. For Italians, wine means tradition and culture.
Dry, thick, tannic, more structured, sapid or harmonic. Many are the words that can describe the Italian wine, a unique product made with love. There is a wine for every occasion, make your own choice!

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