Do you want to discover the most drunk wine of Garda Lake?

Lago di Garda

Try to guess…

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Have you ever visited Garda Lake….

If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend you take a tour as soon as you can, even if it’s just for a weekend.


You will surely fall in love with one of the many locations overlooking the lake, being the largest lake in Italy, it is best to do a little research and look at some photos on the internet to evaluate the place or country you might like the most.


The choice is yours…



You have certainly already heard the name “Lugana”.


It is now a famous wine that receives positive acclaim even from the most popular sommeliers, in various competitions, and also throughout northern Europe.



Many tourists do not give up on taking home a few bottles as a souvenir


The “Lugana” wine takes its name from its production area,

it is located between Brescia and Verona, overlooking Garda Lake.


The recognition with the D.O.C. takes place in 1967.



The grape is Trebbiano di Soave, 

which here takes its ancient name of Turbiana.


It is a widely cultivated vine and has been known since Roman times.


The soil is made up of light and calcareous clays, very rich in minerals.


In this specific area that thanks to the microclimate determined by the lake, the nearby mountains and its soil give Lugana wine a unique aroma and flavor.


Very different from the other Trebbiano grape varieties.

Lugana DOC Aristocratico has a light yellow color, a fruity aroma, on the palate it is well structured with lively acidity and beautiful mineral notes.


Fresh and particularly savory.


You will find that here it is recommended as an excellent aperitif accompanying it with chips, tortillas (corn chips) and green olives and some bruschetta.


If you go to a fish restaurant or a pizzeria, they also recommend the

Lugana, as you can guess, is the white wine that goes well with any dish.


There are many wineries that produce Lugana, each one has its own recipe; those who make it more lovable and those who prefer to dry it.


Do you want to know how to order it or just want more information?


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If I were you I would hurry, since Lugana is literally snapped up and always ends earlier than expected.


Then we will have to wait until the following year to March, for it to be again



It is the cycle of nature that takes time for good things.


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