How the Primitivo has intrigued the world…

Also the president of U.S.A.

This service has been created to help international importers: wholesalers, distributors or even small shops 

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I want to introduce you to a new label called Vitis Nostra.

There is a line dedicated to the most famous wines of Southern Italy.


I want to start with one of the most popular wines among many European importers: the Primitivo Puglia IGT, Vitis Nostra.


When you look at the bottle, you immediately notice its particular label, very colourful and refined, which recalls the famous majolica or hand-decorated ceramics.


The origin of Primitivo dates back to an ancient vine from Croatia.


 Three varieties were subsequently born from this vine: Plavic Mali, Primitivo and Zinfandel.


Primitivo spread in Italy at the beginning of the 19th century in the provinces of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce. 


Only later did it begin to be cultivated in other regions.

The curious news...

By now, Primitivo wine has taken ‘flight’, I mean in terms of world-wide distribution.


In 2018, a large order of Primitivo arrived directly from the White House in Washington, which is the residence and office of the 

President of the United States.


 Word quickly spread around and a great deal of curiosity was created around this wine.

Producers and sellers used to call it “the President’s wine”.


This saying has stuck… and by the way, I’ve heard it called that again  recently. 


The Primitivo Puglia IGT Vitis Nostra has an unmistakable 

 aroma of red fruits and spices.


The palate is warm and full-bodied, soft and round with a good persistence. 


As I often travel for work around the regions of Italy, I am always curious to taste the local products and dishes.


I was in Salento and stopped at a restaurant with a beautiful sea view, for dinner with a colleague.


After the excellent dinner I stopped to talk to the owner of the restaurant.


We couldn’t help but talk about wine in general, but especially about Primitivo.


He never pronounced the word “wine” or “Primitivo”,

but he used a dialect word: “mieru”.


At a certain point I asked him the meaning of the word mieru.

He simply replied: ‘but you still haven’t understood, mieru is good, genuine, local wine’.


Only after a few days of research did I discover that the word mieru comes from Roman times (merum), and means pure, sincere and true wine.


The word “mieru” is only used in Apulian dialects.


Perhaps you too have been looking for a good primitivo with excellent value for money

This could be your best chance, think about it.


Remember that “Mieru” is also the favourite wine of the President of the USA.


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